Organizations We Help

"What You Give - Is What They Get"


Year-round activities for children, teens and adults, with disabilities.


Unique, personalized volunteer guidance to  Jewish singles between the ages 25-45, living in Israel, including those with special needs.


Personal and professional support and treatment for mothers before and after birth, suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis and mania.

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Poverty relief and advance self sufficiency.

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Education, instruction and training to deal with violence and dangerous situations.

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Provide Christians worldwide the opportunity to help save lives in Israel through supporting the emergency work of Magen David Adom (MDA).

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Therapy farm.

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Jewish life-cycle programs and services to foster vibrant Jewish identity and guarantee Israel's Jewish future.


Formerly JobKatif, helps vulnerable populations (young Ethiopian-Israelis, impoverished IDF soldiers, newly discharged lone soldiers, at-risk youth) to become productive members of Israeli society, through education and employment.


Helps families and individuals, experiencing severe financial distress, regain independence and achieve long-term financial stability.

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Empowering educational programs for Israelis from various socio-economical backgrounds in order to promote integration and social mobility. The organization works with young men and women, before and after their service in the IDF, providing guidance in life changing moments.


Shelter in Jerusalem that assists women and their children escape the cycle of abuse and rebuild their lives.


Helps IDF wounded soldiers restart their life journey after going through a traumatic life changing event which stays with them their entire life.


Promote ALS research, support ALS patients and their family members and raise awareness to this fatal and cureless disease.

The only organization in Israel dedicated to ALS.

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Urgent home repairs while offering social work advocacy to families in need.

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Fighting terrorism and safeguarding Jewish rights worldwide.


Psychoeducation, skill-training and support for family members of Borderline Personality Disorder sufferers. Advocate the families among the medical community and the general public.

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Support and strengthen Gush Etzion and its residents.

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Bereaved mothers, fathers, widows, orphans and siblings who have lost loved ones to terror and other tragedies, rebuild their lives and create meaning out of suffering.

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Provides chickens to needy families every Shabbat.


Nutritional support and medical assistance to elderly and children.

Operates Jewish educational and cultural institutions.

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Halachic literature which compiles, summarizes and explains the vast range of Torah knowledge on every topic in Jewish law, from Biblical times to the present. Combining authentic Torah scholarship with a meticulous, scientific approach.


Raising the future generations and leaders on the values of Torah, Judaism and connection to the land and state of Israel.


Israel's News Agency - bringing the truth from Israel to the world.

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Innovative programs helping as many people as possible with all of their material and spiritual needs while keeping overhead costs low. Green Charity, Home Utilities, Food Distribution, Aid for IDF soldiers, Relief for Gush Katif Expellees and Emergency Housing Program.


International luxury jewelry brand combining global success with social contribution activism, especially in favor of Ethiopian community in Israel.


Pre-army program for graduates of religious high-schools from Israel and abroad whose backgrounds and histories have led them to having low expectations of themselves.


Opportunity for people around the world to connect to the incredible story of Judea and Samaria.

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Education and training for the public about the facts of Israel in today’s world


Financial assistance, food, clothing and housewares for Efrat residents in need, accompanied by professionals.


Programs in the fields of science, aviation and space. Inspiring a new generation of young Israeli’s with an exemplary sense of purpose and professionalism. Nurturing the values of academic excellence, social leadership and groundbreaking courage.


Adult education and skills for refugees and asylum seekers in Israel.

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Enlist thousands of at risk Israeli youth to help those in need. Changing Israeli society, one bonfire at a time.

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Support Israeli soldiers on active duty.

The worldwide comunity show appreciation to those who protect Israel.

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Global provider of Tekhelet strings.Educational activities and publications relating to all aspects of the mitzvah of Tekhelet.

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Atzmona, pre-army Yeshiva to deepen Torah knowledge and spiritual convictions.


Spiritual support for religious soldiers.

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Spiritual leadership that aspires to change the discourse about Judaism in Israel by guiding the Religious Zionist community and Israeli society in a moderate, balanced, and religiously-tolerant direction.

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Promote the economic independence of women survivors of violence in Israel and strives for social change from a feminist perspective and commitment to social and gender justice.

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Humanitarian support to Israel’s soldiers in efficiency. Quickly and flexibly respond to the needs of the soldiers.

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Empower strategic frontier communities through volunteer work in "student villages", pre-army volunteer programs, a youth movement, alumni communities program and tourism initiates.


Arugot farms, help experience Israel’s magnificent natural beauty. Renaissance of organic natural living and the rich history of Judea.

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Establish and build yeshivas that combine in-depth Torah study with a significant military service.

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Welcome newcomers to the city by meeting Israelis, sharing Shabbat dinners and speaking Hebrew in order to strengthen the sense of belonging and Jewish identity.


Rabbinical training and community development.


Medical organization, providing comprehensive medical examinations in a women to women environment, community and professional health awareness programs and public advocacy to improve women's health care in Israel.

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Meaningful change in Israeli society through helping distressed families break the cycle of poverty.

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Assistance to Holocaust survivors that lack the resources to live in dignity.


Activities and support for children With Rare Syndromes, Cancer Patients And Children With Disabilities.


Provide a full therapy/education program for special needs children, ranging in age from 6 months to 17 years,  Currently 90 classes, enabling each child to reach their full potential

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Provide free dental care to needy youth, discharged soldiers, orphans, battered women, and families living below the poverty line. Free dentures project for Holocaust survivors.

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An Artificial intelligence based platform that provides an anonymous and convenient way of matching couples in the religious community. 

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Provide a short holiday for cancer patients and their families in Israel. A restorative time together to enjoy, relax, and create unforgettable memories.

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Cultivating the next generation of Israeli filmmakers.

Creating and sharing films about Israel and Judaism in the world of culture, education, therapy and vocational training.


Provide food and vital necessities to poverty stricken children and families to help break the cycle of poverty.


Exploring, raising awareness, and learning about the historical, cultural and archeological importance of the Temple Mount.

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reveal the creative output of the region’s artists to all, from residents to school children, to tourists and art professionals.

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accompanies, trains and matches volunteers aged 18+ (Big Siblings) to youth in need of a supportive, adult role model in their lives (Little Siblings).

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Connect lonely and needy elderly people with a community of volunteers who provide them a hot Shabbat dinner every week and ongoing human interaction.