History of CFI



The Central Fund of Israel (CFI) was established by Hadassah Marcus z”l and Arthur Marcus z”l in 1979 as a grassroots charity with a focus on

building up the land of Israel.

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In 1979 Arthur and Hadassah discovered that the percentage of money lost between the time a donor made a donation in the USA, to the time it was received by the ultimate beneficiary in Israel, was unacceptable.

Therefore, they founded a charity where 100% of all donations reached the recipients - "What you give is what they get". The charity focused on helping the poor and needy in society.


How it grew?

CFI's popularity grew by word of mouth alone. CFI became known as an extremely efficient way to give charity to Israeli causes. As time went on donors discovered their ability to make a recommendation for a specific charity and have it arrive at its desired destination without any bureaucracy. This was something that was missing in the charity world.

CFI won the prestigious Mayor of Jerusalem's Award for Outstanding Volunteer Organizations in 1994 and was praised by both chief rabbis for its volunteer charity work.

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By 2019 CFI was donating to over 350 charitable causes around Israel. Its' goal today is to continue this incredible vision of the founders, Hadassah and Arthur Marcus z"l, and keep charity giving a simple and beautiful act of kindness.